When Martin enters Debbie's tent, she screams but admits that she wants to leave. To resist physical temptation, he decided to send her back to the camp while reluctantly agreeing to release her son to be raised as a German. Later, at the Fourth of July party, Joe and Marian also celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, and Marian shares a dance with Shane. Unable to persuade the dim-witted Slocum of her true dilemma, Susan changes her tactics and pretends to be "Swinging Door Susie," a gangster's moll. The next day, Rocky learns from Mickey that Creed’s promoter, Miles Jergens, wants to meet with him, and both assume Creed is looking for a sparring partner. At two a.m. on the campus of a New England college, a middle-aged professor of history and his wife return home from a party. The Union soldiers, now fearing for their lives, disconnect their last car in hopes of stopping The Texas. At the appointed place, the Sharks and the Jets meet, and the best fighter from each gang, Bernardo and Ice, respectively, prepare to fight as the others look on. Joe recognizes the faded woman as Norma Desmond, once a famous silent movie star. Barnes and Taylor cross paths on the battlefield, and though Barnes attempts to kill Taylor with a shovel, the two are knocked out by an air strike. At the journey's end, however, Lawrence learns that one of his men is missing. For the next last 15, you will tell us your least favorite. Next, the newly confident Juror 2 asks how a 5'6" boy could have made a downward stab wound on a man who stood 6'2", leading Juror 5, who saw many a knife fight in the tough neighborhood in which he was raised, to convincingly demonstrate that the boy would most likely have held the knife underhanded, making a downward wound impossible. At a fruit stand, he stumbles onto the beautiful but broke Ann Darrow as she is about to steal an apple for her dinner. Glenn and others apprehend him, while the dying Barbara Jean is carried away. Production Company: Lawrence Turman, Inc. One man points his gun but is too cowardly to pull the trigger. As Judah and Tirzah watch his procession from the roof of their house, Tirzah leans against some tiles and accidentally loosens them, causing them to fall just as Gratus is passing. Escobar guesses that Ida had initially hired Jake but assumes that Evelyn killed her husband and is being blackmailed by Jake. When Joey cocks the rifle he has been toting, Shane, startled by the noise, draws his gun with the speed of a gunslinger. The police apprehend Thorwald, who confesses that he deposited most of his wife’s body in the East River, except for her head, which he first buried in the garden and then packed in a hatbox. At the office the next day, as Duffy and Jake’s other associate, Walsh, try to talk him out of pursuing the Mulwray case, he receives a phone call from a woman named Ida Sessions, who reveals that she was hired to impersonate Mrs. Mulwray but had no idea that anyone would be killed. At the Grand Ole Opry that evening, Brown and Haven perform, and after them, singer Connie White, Barbara Jean’s rival who is substituting for her. When Esther later tells Judah what Miriam had asked, his bitterness and despair frighten her, and she implores him not to be consumed with hatred. In 1996, a diving team led by Brock Lovett explores the sunken R.M.S. He demands the Kid’s Schofield revolver, and the Kid willingly hands it over, vowing never to kill again. Ben returns to Los Angeles, but when Mrs. Robinson refuses to divulge any information about the wedding, he races back to Berkeley and learns that the ceremony will take place in Santa Barbara. All appears safe until it is discovered that a plane commanded by a boisterous Texan, Maj. T. J. Batty arrives and finds Pris’s dead body. Popeye tries to secure the area, then crawls along the building's side until he can climb to the roof. That evening, at the gym where the dance is held, Bernardo is introducing Maria to other Puerto Ricans, when several members of the Jets arrive. He presses her for more personal information, and she reveals the reason she ran away from the farm in Montana: One night, she woke to a frightening noise and discovered lambs being slaughtered in the barn; she tried to save them and was sent to an orphanage as punishment. Some weeks later, Fred's money is gone, and he has been unable to get a job. Finally, instead of kissing her, he beats her. Joe soon learns that Norma's fragile but enormous ego is supported by the scores of fan letters she still receives, and two or three times a week, Max projects her silent pictures on her living-room movie screen. Walter is repulsed by, and at the same time, strangely drawn to Phyllis's fantasy, and his thoughts linger on how to accomplish an undetectable crime. There Maj. Clipton, the camp’s medical officer, introduces the colonel to “Commander Major” Shears. Angry that Mookie betrayed him, Sal pays Mookie twice what he is owed, throwing the bills at him one at a time. Changing the subject, he says that he would like to see the baseball game and asks for another vote. Eager to return to jail, he gallantly admits to stealing a loaf of bread to save a starving gamin. Undeterred by Arab assertions that the missing man's death had been divinely decreed, Lawrence returns to the desert and rescues him, earning thereby Ali's friendship and the respect of his subordinates. At the end of a tense weekend, Lloyd and Karen are driving Margo to the train station when the car suddenly runs out of gas. When the pair dash away leaving their instruments behind, Spats finds bullet holes in Jerry’s bass and realizes the “broads” are the Chicago murder witnesses in disguise. He nudges her onto the bed, but she quickly rises and walks to the bureau, where she looks at a photo of Jake and Joey sparring, a rosary dangling over its frame. The next morning is Sunday and many of the performers go to their respective churches. When Crassus returns, he comprehends immediately that Gracchus plots to keep Glabrus out of Rome, leaving Crassus more vulnerable to attack. Judah then takes Esther's slave ring and promises to wear it until he meets the woman he will marry. From that day forward, Forrest runs everywhere he goes and eventually his athletic abilities earn him a football scholarship to the University of Alabama. One evening, Travis picks up Senator Palantine. Crawford tells Clarice, a former student of his at the University of Virginia, that the FBI is collecting data on all imprisoned serial killers, but thus far, they have had no luck with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist who ate his murder victims, earning the nickname “Hannibal the Cannibal.” Clarice suspects the assignment is related to an ongoing investigation of “Buffalo Bill,” a wanted serial killer who skins his female victims, but Crawford denies it. As they commence their journey, the husband grimly rows while glaring at his wife. Eventually, Friendly’s stooges break up the meeting by hurling stones through the church windows. While he may be known for his imaginative science-fiction movies, it's arguable that Gladiator,his historical-fiction action-adventure drama, is his best work to date. After stuffing Annabelle into a sack, Johnnie loads her onto a freight car attached to The General and then takes off towards the South. As he leaves, Ryan gives a heartfelt salute to Miller’s tombstone. Their passion for each other grows, with Sally hoping that this time, she has found the right man. However, Curt has come to a decision and knows he will not be in town at the end of the day. Though they are outnumbered, Francis and Taylor gun down several soldiers and escape the foxhole just before it is hit by a grenade. The meeting is interrupted by local professional fisherman and shark hunter, Quint, who vows to capture the shark single-handedly for $10,000, which Vaughn agrees to consider. After Elliott and Michael leave for school, Mary hears shuffling in Elliott’s closet, but the alien hides itself among the children's stuffed animals. So much of what we're talking about on No Film School when it comes to screenwriting is summarized in our new eBook. Blanche truly loves Mitch, but admits that she has had "many meetings with men." Charged with keeping watch over Nathan’s ever-changing temperament, Stingo returns home in time to witness Nathan propose marriage to Sophie. That night at home, Linnea receives a call from Tom Frank, who she met while on a musical tour. Upon arriving in Chicago the next morning, Roger disguises himself as a porter and escorts Eve off the train. When he speaks with Yelburton, Jake alludes to knowing more than he does, saying that Hollis’ murder is tied to the new dam and the deliberate dumping of thousands of gallons of water during a drought. A short time after Evelyn drives away with Katherine, Escobar and Loach arrive. Will then visits the home of his friend, Sam Fuller, but as Sam listens from the next room, his wife tells Will that he is not at home. Upon inspecting the bridge, Nicholson criticizes the workers’ cavalier attitude and asks Capt. When Indy leaves, Arnold Toht skulks inside with an army of Nepalese henchmen and demands the headpiece, threatening Marion with a hot poker from her fire pit. Later that day at the U. S. Intelligence Agency, a group of agents led by a man known as the Professor, discuss Townsend’s murder and Roger’s involvement. When Johnnie leaves the train to move a crosstie, Annabelle, unable to work the gears, runs the engine forward and backward, leaving Johnnie behind, until he finally catches the train. After showering and shaving, he and Milly nervously embrace for their first time since he went into the Army. Shocked by the decrepit condition of the cottage, Snow White enlists the help of the animals to clean it up, and then falls asleep in an upstairs bedroom, which has been furnished with seven tiny beds. She does not immediately recognize Nathan, but accepts him as her caretaker as he reads aloud poetry by Emily Dickinson. Tired of Jake’s abuse, Vickie finally files for divorce and takes custody of the children. Sophie ultimately failed to steal the radio, and Hoess broke his promise to save her boy, driving her to attempt suicide. Max takes Margo aside and says he has foolishly agreed to audition Addison's date, the breath-taking Miss Casswell, and Margo promises to read with her. All three are captured by the Viet Cong and placed in a prisoner camp on a river where the jailers force the men to play Russian roulette: one bullet is placed in a revolver, then a prisoner holds the gun up to his own head and pulls the trigger. Under his care, she survives, and they return her to bed. To save Penny's job, Lucky insists on demonstrating for Gordon what he has just learned from Penny and executes a complex routine with her. Video is no longer available: www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=qV8H8iQEGHs. The people of the neighborhood swarm as the fight moves outside onto the sidewalk. Andy brings the information to Warden Norton, who refuses to help, out of fear that Andy will implicate him in the money laundering scheme. Judah refuses, severing their friendship. Afraid to be alone, Ruth invites Sonny in for a soda, but her continuing sobs unsettle him even more, although he timidly tries to comfort her. Despite threats from Ciccio's men, some villagers help Vito, enabling him to sail to America. Inside the smoldering building, Smiley puts one of his pictures of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X on the Wall of Fame. Seventy-year-old newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane dies in his palatial Florida home, Xanadu, after uttering the single word “Rosebud.” While watching a newsreel summarizing the years during which Kane built a dying newspaper into a major empire, married and divorced twice, ran unsuccessfully for governor and saw the collapse of his newspaper empire during the Depression, an editor decides they have not captured the essence of the controversial newspaperman and assigns reporter Jerry Thompson to discover the meaning of Kane's last word. In the end, Penny calls off the wedding and reunites with Lucky. A patient, Taber, who has been hiding a lit cigarette in the cuff of his pants, yells out in pain when it burns his leg, creating chaos that builds when Cheswick loudly demands his cigarettes and disturbs the more vulnerable patients. Jimmy is sent to a facility in Atlanta, Georgia, while Henry joins Paulie, who is serving time for contempt, at a prison in Pennsylvania. The American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California, in mid-June 1998 commemorated the extraordinary first 100 years of American movies by making a "definitive selection of the 100 greatest American movies of all time, as determined by more than … Later, Saito summons Clipton and asks him to tell Nicholson that unless he cooperates, the patients in the infirmary will be forced to work. Roger follows Eve’s directions and by mid-afternoon waits for Kaplan alongside a deserted road in the middle of empty farm fields where a crop duster works in the distance. Alvy reflects that there is some truth in what Allison says—that, like the old Groucho Marx joke, he really does not want to be in any club that would have him as a member. When the emperor awards Arrius with the baton of victory, he inquires about Judah and agrees to meet with Arrius to discuss his situation. The angry crowd forces Nick out of the building and he runs down the street until a French man, Julien, approaches him and offers to make Nick rich. Tibbs confronts him, and Henshaw confesses that he murdered Colbert to obtain the money for Delores' abortion. AFI's 10 TOP 10. Their meeting is reported to Friendly, who orders Charley to straighten Terry out. Shears, meanwhile, has been picked up by a sea rescue plane and brought to a hospital in Ceylon where he is visited by Maj. Capt. Ridley Scott, one of histories most renowned directors has only one film in the entire AFI Top 100 and it barely snuck in at number 97 (the film is Blade Runner). Sid tells them of a job at a college dance in Urbana and Joe accepts, then charms Nellie into loaning them her car for the Urbana gig. Confronted with the ultimatum, Nicholson still refuses to comply on the grounds that “it is a matter of principle.” With only two months left before the May first deadline for the completion of the bridge, Saito, frustrated by the slow progress, takes command of the project himself. Malcolm realizes his gunshot wound has not gone away, and that he is, in fact, dead. Jake later sits in on a city council meeting, where Mayor Bagby offers his support for a new dam that will guarantee an adequate water supply for the city. The guards reluctantly leave. The next morning, Paine takes Jeff to be sworn in at the Senate, where one senator objects, alleging that the newspaper stories prove Jeff is unfit. After Gutman and Cairo leave, Sam calls the police and turns them all in. Raymond demands that the game be re-played with his pack of marked cards, and wins back the contract, after which Penny tells Lucky that she and Ricky are engaged. As Arbogast climbs the stairs in the house, however, he is stabbed to death by a woman. When Paulie then questions angrily whether or not Rocky has slept with Adrian, Rocky pushes him away, punching a frozen carcass until his fists bleed. Days later, at the same time as Charnier and Nicoli, newly arrived in New York, watch Devereaux’s car being transported onto the wharf, federal agents Bill Mulderig and Klein are brought onto the case. In the women’s barracks, a female prisoner shares a rumor that at some camps, Jewish prisoners are lured into gas chambers disguised as showers and killed en masse.

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