How Much Light Does Burro’s Tail Need? Place burro’s tail sedum in bright light with several hours of direct sun each day. First, it is possible that there is no problem at all other than maybe some erratic watering. Be careful handling the plant, because if the leaves fall off they will not grow back, resulting in a burro’s tail with bald spots. Interestingly, anywhere on the stem where a leaf has fallen off can produce a branch. Burro’s tail plants can tolerate periods of drought, but the new potential plants need to … Allow the soil to dry between waterings. These stems used to be full. Burro’s Tail makes a fine houseplant. Propagating from leaves is the easiest. Burro’s tails are very easy to care for. The leaves fall off at the slightest touch and will litter the ground after transplanting or repotting. PETS. My Burros Tail is the one succulent that was doing so well, 2 long tails plus new ones coming out from its base, and I bumped one of the tails setting another pot near it a couple of days ago, and the leaves fell off. Q. You can also propagate it with the individual leaves. Grateful for any help! 97 comments. Propagating the burro’s tail is a very facile exercise. This could cause a stem to die and start the leaf problem. hide. report. 1/5. The best way to propagate burro’s tail is through leaf propagation. Simply pluck a few leaves from the burro’s tail stem and place them in moist soil. Propagating the donkey tail plant is best done during spring and summer. In fact, too much handling of the plant can cause the plump leaves to fall off. Not sure what’s going on - see comments. Fertilizing is not necessary. It is commonly sold as an indoor hanging plant. If the soil had gotten too dry at some point, it could have caused some root collapse. The plant can be propagated from stem or leaf cuttings. 608. Gather the leaves and insert them partway into a moist soilless medium . Succulents are often sought out as houseplants for their easy care, and fun morphology. Simply lay the leaves on top of your cactus & succulent mix & they’ll root in. Burro’s tail loves full sun. Burros tail has dropped an alarming number of leaves gradually in the last two days???? 713. Place freshly fallen leaves back into the pot – or into a small new pot – to grow a whole new plant! But of course, the best results can be achieved when they are cared for keenly. save. After a few days, the propagated leaves will start to sprout. Stem cutting involves trimming the stems to the desired length, peel the bottom 1/3 of the leaves off and allow the stems to heal off for about 14 to 90 days before planting. Vote. Close. Keep it on the dry side. share. Since the plant’s fragile leaves tend to fall off often anyway, it’s easy. Q. Burros Tail – Dry Stem - Hi there The bottom Half of the stem is totally dry and shrivelled - should I pull it out and ... Q. Succulents - Why my burros' tail is loosing his leaves easily? Baby plants are emerging where the leaf meets the stem. The leaves are easily knocked off of the stems so handle this one with care. Donkey tail plant propagation could be done either by stem cutting or leaf cutting. Burro’s tail is not toxic to dogs, cats, or people. ... Leaves are browning and falling off constantly. This is a hard one to figure just from a photo. They can thrive well even when left to fend for themselves. The Donkey’s Tail, also Burro’s Tail or Sedum morganianum (botanical name), is an ideal addition for its iconic leaves. There is a smaller cultivar called “Burrito” or Baby Burro’s Tail that has smaller, more rounded leaves on shorter stems. Why Does My Donkey Tail Have White Spots - Please help; Q. Propagating Burro’s Tail - When I purchased a donkey tail succulent, I repotted it. Belonging to the family Crassulaceae, this individual sports fleshy, modified leaves.

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