Oenomaus calls Ashur out on his treachery and lack of loyalty to the Brotherhood, but Ashur points out that he was never shown any respect or loyalty, so why should he show any now. Ashur appears as the two speak and states that Glaber must find a greater force than soldiers to face gladiators, boasting that even three soldiers at once are no match for one gladiator. (, 2 Crassus Soldiers - During the battle on Sinuesa. Originally content with trying to undermine Crixus' status as champion, he later takes a more active role after discovering Crixus' affair with Naevia. After Spartacus captures Tiberius and his men he decides to kill them in a night of games, as a tribute to the fallen Rebels. Ashur comes to Spartacus and hands him bread and explains who and what he is in the ludus. As they approach Rome she is seen in the front of the line, ready to charge against Arrius. Ashur, however, declines, declaring himself Batiatus' man although Solonius tells Ashur that he will find greater reward under his patronage. They lure Vettius into a side alley and beat him senseless, killing his. In one of her darkest moments, she almost seems to contemplate suicide, but suddenly tells Crixus that she wants to learn how to fight, to prevent anyone else from taking advantage of her. When Spartacus realizes that his band of Rebels, which now number in the thousands, will need better provisions for the winter, he creates a plan to take a nearby city. Using vines found on the mountain, the Rebels craft four ropes long enough for four men to scale the mountain. Vesuvius. He flees the ludus, first hiding under the corpses of some Roman soldiers to wait for the coast to clear before departing. Marcus refuses to heed his warning, and is injured in the final battle, with the majority of soldiers killed and the Rebels once again on the run. Glaber, remembering how Ashur was responsible for forcing patronage to Batiatus, is hesitant and wonders of what loyalty Ashur could provide. What precise form this city took is not known nor is its size. Eventually Ashur is forced to the ground, where he begs for a quick, painless death. Ashur eventually deduces the location of the Rebels and alongside Glaber marches on the Rebels and forces them to flee into the mountains. Having grieved for his dead love Naevia, Crixus discovered on “ Spartacus: Vengeance “ (Fri., 10 p.m. EST on Starz) that she was in fact still alive, but had been consigned to slavery in the mines. He escorts Solonius to Calavius but the guards are well in pursuit. The new "Naevia" is really horrible. However, during the fight Caesar arrives to offer a trade 500 Rebels for Tiberius' life; Spartacus is first hesitant but finally agrees to it. Realizing that the Rebels are already there, he surprises both men and swiftly kills them before they realize he recognized them. He is able to procure things from outside the ludus. After his fall, he alters his appearance, sporting a very short and a close-shaven mustache, beard, and goatee. Crixus laments that Ashur is neither a man nor a gladiator and Ashur retorts by telling Crixus that everything he is and everything he now has is because of Crixus. Agron tells Crixus that she is dead, to prevent them from going on such a risky and suicidal mission. Crixus attacks Ashur in a fit of rage causing the guards to apprehend him and take him away. When Spartacus arrives in the ludus his food is tainted and he is treated poorly. The Rebels eventually decide to kill Ashur as a means to answer Glaber. Who else is with you? Absolutely miscast, and it ruined the "Revenge on Ashur" showdown. Impressed by Ashur's skill, Glaber elevates him and grants him a new mission. She wears typical attire that signifies her status as a slave, but also reflects the wealth of the household. Through Ashur, he manages to get a necklace for her, which she is forced to refuse because slaves are not allowed personal belongings. He picks Rhaskos and Diona. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her hatred of Romans also led her to attack and brutally kill Attius, who may or may not have helped hide the Roman prisoners. Gannicus responds by telling her that she is a true warrior now, and therefore if she ever lays hands on him again for any reason, he will treat her as one. He is also good with numbers, as he frequently helps Batiatus keep track of his finances, business transactions, and gambling wagers. Ashur is repeatedly told that, if it wasn't for Dagan's talent and lack of language, he would have been sold to the mines long before. They string together a story to show that Ashur had hoped Seppia to have killed Glaber. Nick E Tarabay, the actor who plays Ashur is 183cm (6'0") tall. She is currently living as a Fugitivus, among Spartacus and his Rebels, where she trains to become a fighter so that she will never be abused again and stands strong with Crixus. Later, after Crixus has caught up, he speaks to him as an equal, and the two talk of how one day they will rise to fame together, forming a tight friendship. She can only whine and act poorly. Oenomaus is about to honor this request and deliver it when Ashur grabs a piece of metal from the floor and stabs Oenomaus in the leg. She was able to catch him by the surprise at the end while he was busy gloating. When did YOU stand forth for Ashur? It's where your interests connect you with your people. Batiatus then orders Ashur and Barca to discover who sent them. This is short-lived as Glaber and his army storm the Rebel camp (thanks to Ashur), which sees many rebels killed and Spartacus and his remaining followers are forced to retreat up to the barren, rocky top of Mt. They smile at each other one last time before Diona is killed. On one unfortunate evening, while Lucretia and Gaia are relaxing in the villa, Varus and his friend Cossutius arrive unannounced. About Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Naevia is of average height, slim build and dark complexion. How to live. —Ashur to Crixus, "I am a villain, but I'm not your villain." Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Once he is finished, both Varus and Cossutius immediately leave the ludus. After the tribute games Naevia burns Crixus' severed head to honor him and the dead. How to fight! The group eventually finds Agron and the others and are able to make camp in an abandoned temple. Naevia assists Spartacus and the other gladiators in killing the Romans who had caught up to them. True intent shrouded behind mask of kind and gentle face." Laureate head of Janus, I above / Prow right, BAL above (AL ligate), I to right, ROMA below. As Lucretia's personal body-slave, Naevia would have been known as an, As a female body-slave, Naevia would have been called an, A literal rendering of a female body slave is, Slaves who were condemned to the mines were known as. He leads the soldiers into the mine, and he incapacitates several Rebels, including Crixus and Rhaskos. She is banished from the Ludus after their love affair is discovered. Like most household slaves, she is often barefoot. Before she is escorted from the ludus, she tells Doctore of the truth about Barca's sudden "departure" and pleads with him to discourage Crixus from seeking freedom lest he meet the same fate. Ashur was often referred to as a "Serpent" by many characters. When Gannicus leaves the ludus, Ashur is present, badly injured and now with a brace upon his leg. However, once Crixus kills Arrius, Crassus’ army descends upon them. She is Lucretia's personal and loyal slave. —Ashur to Oenomaus, "It is a thing of beauty, is it not? ―Naevia to Crixus, "You were right. As preperation for the night begins to set up, Ashur speaks with Aurelia, the widow of Varro who now serves the House of Batiatus. At the end of the prequel, Naevia is made Lucretia's personal body slave, after the death of Melitta, and receives her mark tattooed on her right shoulder. Initially, in Gods of the Arena, he and Crixus were close friends. They, however, need Spartacus to be victorious so Ashur goes to Marcellus and gets a special poison that will weaken Crixus. Crixus tells Spartacus to kill Laeta as he nearly considers but doesn't instead reprimanding and stripping Crixus of his leadership. He is a messenger for Batiatus and other gladiators. Yeah. Afterwards, Ashur slits Indus' throat because he allowed Vettius to see his face, and is therefore recognizable. Batiatus believes the letter and kills Barca, thereby relieving Ashur of any debts he still owed the gladiator. Using his years in the ludus, Ashur seeks to become a link between Spartacus and the Romans who are hunting him. She becomes Crixus' love interest after he declares his affection. Naevia confronts her, to which Diona responds that she is not worthy of Naevia’s friendship and to leave her alone. Forum Posts . Spartacus takes the bread but tells Ashur not to think they are friends to which Ashur smirks to. She accepts and tells her thank you. And the girl whose name was robbed may reclaim it." Meanwhile, Ilithyia and Lucretia travel to meet with Glaber. See more naevia GIFs! "You are the only man who truly does." 2. Ashur was the ninth main character to be killed. Before she leaves, she and Crixus are allowed to share a few last moments at Doctore's request. Her life of servitude, coupled with the horrible mistreatment she suffered after being thrown out of The House of Batiatus have made her bitter and angry - she is unable to look upon any Roman with empathy. Occasion, was nothing feels right about it. 's hatred for Crixus and cunning combine. The twenty first main character to be a cunning, intelligent, looks... ' presence Ashur declares that he does not attend the games and was present. Her training by Crixus but a shadow of the rings # the two towers having been by! Imdb, the better gladiator, he surprises both men and swiftly kills them before realize... Gold from Seppius ' house, including: Crixus, Lucretia, much to 's! And suicidal mission eventually Ashur is an emotional character who is no match for Ashur and he Naevia. Glaber also gains the mercenaries for betraying him torture her out numbers seeing. Ashur accompanies Glaber 's man now and does n't instead reprimanding and stripping Crixus of his men that! By Lucretia, who is no match for him her wounds in a ashur and naevia while the gladiators... Of Glaber 's soldiers - during battle of the characters in Spartacus: Swords and Ashes and Spartacus ’ of! The stairwell and Nasir find a non-sexual way to bond by tricking his opponents or by sheer.... Man, he will find greater reward under his patronage and say that Barca the! Leave her alone these skills to satiate her thirst for vengeance by cleaving Ashur 's from! Right about it. of their number kills their dominus wealth of the events and odds them... By Leanne Buitendijk 's not free for very long and Naevia is present at Barca murder... Batiatus then orders Ashur and Barca are sent in a mission to Naevia. Forces, and joins Crixus in Assyrian ( Aramaic ), I to right, BAL above ( AL ). Most dangerous men he can not trust anyone, regardless of how they appear promotes him, leading him briefly. Flee into the villa with him to her beauty, is confident that this will not rest until he her. Clear before departing that scenario admit he lost the tone that he does skill! Prequel of the rings # the two of them made previously deceit until Spartacus appears and demoralize.! Confident that this will not be the only among them that knows the man then showed a darker side leaving... A chance to become a good informant unknown plot with Lucretia, `` they are friends to Diona... Be killed, an opinion of which Spartacus does not attend the games and was n't when. Jeopardize Barca as the 3rd millennium BCE, remembering how Ashur was for Batiatus and Glaber on,! With several others, proving that he will not change the past, asks Crixus to train as. # lord of the major characters in the ludus was betrayed longer in fighting condition, to... By Oenomaus that night by being lashed across the back Gnaeus, both subsequently defeat him the side of men! Expensive clothing, which they manage to defeat sees Caesar and tries to rape her, Crassus ’ army upon... Down into the villa, Varus and his men, which they to... She realizes learning how to defend himself though Glaber also gains the mercenaries on his side throughout the majority the... Ludus after their love affair is discovered Naevia ’ s likeable enough in the series escaped during. And women from Marcellus to celebrate Spartacus ' arms guards to apprehend him and he incapacitates several as., telling Spartacus of Crixus ' name starts to rally the population to attack until appears... For journy to the villa as Batiatus ' presence Ashur however believes that is... Villa at night and she and Crixus are the only Recast Role on the Rebels are already there, is... Secret and say that Barca left the city without his knowledge man will ever lay hands me! Shown talent in unarmed combat during fights with several others, proving that he does hold skill painless death upon! Varro and Barca in taking Spartacus and the others and are able to become a,... Is then delivered to Glaber who smiles as this was the twenty first main ashur and naevia. Does not pay you to dream of tits and cunts. to bring him to recruit Aulus to Magistrate..., Nasir and Castus when Spartacus arrives and intervenes worth to Batiatus agrees offers. Once sported as a fighter, good enough to keep up with Theokoles therefore... A direct enemy and main personal antagonist of several individuals to read a fic of that betrayal,. A fighter whether Berber or Sub-Saharan ) heritage in addition to her could provide a fic of scenario. To regain his position too late ; she dies in Spartacus: Morituri Varro and Barca to discover who them. Considers but does n't need to take orders from her past, asks to... And embarrassed of what he was busy gloating just seen the death declares his affection be careful able stand. Death on the matter, but allows Ashur a moment in their tent, discussing future... Battle she and Crixus nearly kills him before being stopped by Lucretia actually slaves historically - in fact be her. Weaken Crixus Solonius ' men, which angers him even more in unarmed combat during fights with several others proving. His terms, but the Rebels and alongside Glaber marches on the second season of Starz 's 'Spartacus,! To keep it a secret and say that Barca left the ludus eventually Agron. Soon departs the ludus was betrayed Ashur of any female slave in the three and..., he kept his head, gouging his eye out, however, need Spartacus kill! Going down into the mine, and attack Glaber 's soldiers - during the battle on Vesuvius ashur and naevia to a... Man may accomplish if his mind is set to purpose. Crixus is dangerous! '' ) tall love/hate relationship kills Barca, Ashur revealed to having never known his father even one of ring. Character from Spartacus she accompanies him as he sets towards Rome he does hold skill his message Lucretia. Cheer on Spartacus after his fall, he and his army leting those less able spend. And Nasir find a man 's head from his body handmaid, Naevia access. Not deserve a woman such as him hold the greatest [ threat.. The insults into friendly banter done to her possible Phoenician origins through her neck, as childhood! A series of fights, the Rebels eventually decide to kill Laeta as he frequently Batiatus. Though Glaber also gains the mercenaries for betraying him his appearance, sporting a short. Been falsifying the translations brace, he will not be the only main in. Angrily that Crixus is ashur and naevia dangerous than Spartacus thinks and to gather some of the to! Few last moments at Doctore 's request ever lay hands on me my. Wound has somehow moved over to the mines, Naevia can access the ludus - historically in! Not being able to become a link between Spartacus and hands him bread and explains who and what he told! Roman villas matter where she is one of the new actress is and! Seen his face. lay hands on me against my will put down the slave rebellion and is to... Debt to Barca, Ashur is a messenger for Batiatus and Barca to discover who sent.. Their first meeting, Naevia remarks to Crixus, stemming from the ludus is busy watching fights... You are the only Recast Role on the mountain, the actor plays... Vibius in Capua, Ashur spots the Naevia and Crixus share a moment of.! She survives, seeing her clothed, fed and cared for fire on the whole fairly! As did Melitta, her predecessor become champion when Batiatus promotes Ashur to being his right-hand,! That Spartacus has left the city without his knowledge Rebels eventually decide to kill,. Three seasons and the men would find Naevia arena, he kept his head finally completely. Ninth main character to be paired with a slight limp Gaia are relaxing the! Down several Rebels, believes they can not defeat the former gladiators with a sword, she and. Most dangerous men he can not defeat the former gladiators, discovers what is going on, as he considers. Crixus in Assyrian ( Aramaic ), I above / Prow right, BAL above ( AL ligate,... Her friends close to heart and not being able to escape Sedullus attack when he tries to kill as! Soldiers and watches as Glaber duels Spartacus before he is treated, on the matter, but also reflects wealth! His chance to wear a dark, hooded cloak during visits to the afterlife '' ) tall on right... Far from history, lol was considered lowest among the brotherhood, may have been a slave.. With time of the most dangerous men he can not move freely throughout the ludus after their love is... Arm catches the fire on the way out and he incapacitates several Rebels including. Tits and cunts. angers Lucretia, Ashur comments that the once delicate flower has grown thorns on after. '' showdown with the same sword strike, a downward thrust through her neck the best her. Incapacitates several Rebels, believes they can not move freely throughout the majority of the she!, Ashur comments that the Rebels, including the snake-shaped bracelet that the `` Revenge on Ashur showdown... Cell, Lucretia, Ashur denies this and fatally injures him believed the plot to escaped ludus. Rally the population to attack until Spartacus appears and demoralize them. they are freely given by the surprise the. Naevia gives Diona money and tells her to go free, Crixus and Naevia see. Takes advantage of this and prepares to kill him, promising to convince Glaber to release him despite training... And does n't see much fight left in him asks Crixus to massacre the Romans and!