If you chose to provide an email address, it will only be used to contact you about your comment. Derek is on the other side of the door, he sees the knife. | The bodyguard spews blood spots on the window. Graphic mystery-homage to teen-slasher movies. The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points. While ms. Loomis is unconscious, Sidney shoots her in the head just in case she woke up. The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Still, SCREAM 2 is a solid `R' for content, and therefore is not recommended for kids, tweens, and younger teens. His ear is shown bleeding, this scene is very bloody. Primarily references to other horror movies. | Ghostface throws Cici off a balcony face first, she screams loudly. As night falls, Emily's parents, Leo (Scott Richards) and Justine (Deborah Lacey), begin to worry. The beginning of this movie is pretty disturbing. Gale is shot by Mickey then she falls through a trap door opening on the stage. Cici runs upstairs where she throws a potted plant and a bike at the killer. The killer grabs Randy and throws him into a van. His whole body is covered in blood. This "sequel" to the brutal murders they witnessed in high school is making it hard for Sidney and Randy to go about their happy new college lives. Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. This may disturb some viewers. This fall, Sydney Prescott is leaving the small town of Woodsborough, California, to go to college. Threatening with guns at the end of the movie. 12 F-words, 26 scatological terms, 17 anatomical terms (1 mild), 11 mild obscenities, 4 religious profanities, 23 religious exclamations. The killer wipes the blood off their knife after Cici's death, as the killer did in the first movie. Mrs.loomis tries to kill sidney with a knife. © Common Sense Media. A man and a woman kiss passionately and lie back on a desk; she removes her jacket, then they are interrupted. Runkel a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship coach who is also a parent describes his tested techniques for everyday communication with children in this outstanding guide … The dividing wall scene and the climax are fairly intense. Wondering if Scream 2 is OK for your kids? The killer lunges at Sidney with their knife. Sidney slaps Gale for the surprise interview with Cotton. If you and your friends have already seen the first one, then Scream 2 especially makes for a great group watch. This film’s content may not be as intense, but nonetheless, its obvious parallel between an appetite for food and sex may leave parents feeling queasy. Plot Summary Mickey's body flies through the air after he is shot and he flips then lands on the fake brick cubes. Phil's girlfriend is stabbed by the killer mulitiple times. Mickey's body spurts blood when he's shot. This one has pretty much nothing bad in it and is known for being ianppropriate but the series isnt that bad actually, This is the least inappropriate one. Blood is shown dripping out of the van after Randy is killed. The knife goes through a restroom stall divider after he puts his ear on the stall partition. In this scene: Cici (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Mickey (Timothy Olyphant), Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), Film Class Guy (Joshua Jackson), Sidney (Neve Campbell) Good for 10 or 11 or 12 or 9 but that is it. | If you’re like most parents, what you want right now is pretty simple: an effective plan for getting your kids to behave and be happy. Same violent stuff in hit slasher saga, for the third time. Fast, free delivery. Parents need to know that, while the carnage isn't as extreme as it was in the first SCREAM, bloodshed and stabbings are still abundant. Tough, plucky central figure Sidney is, as always, the most normal among a cast of shifty, possible mass-murder suspects. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. Cliff notes from my TedTalk on why Scream 2 is the rare 'better sequel': - I'm a hoe for university settings. Ms. Loomis rams the wooden door many times attempting to break it down. Ms. Loomis holds a knife to Sidney's neck. The killer drives through planks of wood and into a heap of copper pipes. Some of the stabbings are accompanied by squishy sounds and result in puddles of blood and blood spewing from their mouths. We were unable to submit your evaluation. Ghostface stabs Cici 2 times in the back. A guy gets stabbed in the head through the wall of a bathroom stall, and in the next scene his girlfriend is s... Graphic mystery-homage to teen-slasher movies. Rated R for language and strong bloody violence. Sidney kicks the gun out of Mickey's hands. Mickey is shot 3 times by mrs.Loomis. While alone at her sorority house, Cici is threatened by the killer over the phone before the killer attacks her inside the house. Sidney runs through a house, Ghostface chases her. There are so many blood, shoting scene gross scene. One month free trial! Cici is thrown through some glass doors by the killer. This new spate of murders -- and further threatening phone calls from the unknown killer -- bring massive media attention to the university, including a return visit from sensationalist reporter Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), Woodsboro deputy Dewey (David Arquette), and even the twitchy, `innocent' man (Liev Schreiber) that Sidney mistakenly accused of killing her mother years before. Scream 2 (1997) Parents Guide Add to guide . Synopsis David Arquette's noble but goofy deputy Dewey is a certifiably nice guy. Positive Messages. The knife is shown bloody after the killer pulls it out of the partition. An eviscerated corpse sits in a chair and one is shown hanging from a tree (lots of blood again). Most of the props miss ms. Loomis but the fake brick cubes fall on her, then she lands on the stage. And sidney shot mrs.loomis in a head (ending when sidney shot mrs.loomis cause just in case. Families can talk about the sneaky way the script talks up the effects of violence in the media upon society (even the killer's secret game plan involves the controversy), but indulges in the same violence.