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Budgeting Classes

A client may need more comprehensive education when it comes to setting up, sticking to, and completing their own budgets. This is why N.A.D.E.A. has adopted a proprietary, self-study, credit education course, that we provide for our clients that need this service.

General Educational Pamphlets

All clients have access to our numerous brochures regarding specific financial problems. All of these brochures are provided to the client Free of Charge.

Library of Credit Education

This catalog of financial resources includes relevant books on common financial issues that our clients seem to encounter. In addition, we have included cassette products, and other financial literacy courses.

Debt Management Plans

Our Financial Counselors may put you on a debt management program based on your personal income and debt levels. We can find a comfortable payment for you, giving you just one check to write each month. Once N.A.D.E.A. receives your payment, it will be dispersed in a timely fashion to the creditors. We are one of the few agencies nationwide, that makes payments to creditors twice weekly!

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Bankruptcy Counseling

We have formed an alliance with a local Bankruptcy attorney. In the unfortunate cases that a Bankruptcy filing is the only answer, we will refer clients to the Bankruptcy attorney. However, the real purpose of this alliance is that they provide Free Bankruptcy advice to our clients, with no added pressure to file.

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