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Debt Education

Debt Education

Community Education & Workshops

Financial education content & workshops for your clients, constituents, students, members, employees, counselors and social managers or anyone else who may benefit. N.A.D.E.A. does not charge for these workshops or programming.



Qualifying For Assistance

Fill out a short questionnaire to see if you qualify for assistance. Once submitted, one of our certified financial counselors will contact you by your preferred method (email or phone) to conduct a 100% free consultation on your unique financial situation.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Neighborhood Revitalization

How NADEA Contributes

N.A.D.E.A. provides affordable housing to the communities we serve in conjunction with the National Community Revitalization Act,
performing property restoration and offering these homes to families in need.

Budgeting Classes

N.A.D.E.A provides clients with the opportunity to utilize a number of budgeting courses. These courses are specifically designed for those who need help setting up and sticking to their own personalized month to month budget.

Credit Card Consolidation

Credit card consolidation helps many consumers regain control of their credit card debt. There may be other options available for your situation. Fill out this short questionnaire to find out.

More About Community Stabilization

Foreclosures and bank owned properties hurt communities severely. NADEA acquires these properties, brings them up to our high standards, and provides the opportunity for families to purchase.

N.A.D.E.A. Blog

Providing educational content on topics like saving, credit, debt, loans, privacy and investing.

Credit Tips

N.A.D.E.A.’s free credit tips serve as a valuable resource that can help provide you with easy credit rebuilding. In utilizing these tips, consumers have been able to see a huge improvement in the way they think about their finances.

Our Results

NADEA has successfully completed more than 400 property stabilization transactions since starting the Neighborhood revitalization project.

National Association for Debt Education & Assistance

We are a personalized non-profit organization with over 50 years of experience providing financial counseling and education services. The certified credit counselors at N.A.D.E.A. have helped hundreds of thousands of clients regain control of their lives through financial education and stability.  We design options for each individual client based on their unique financial situations. N.A.D.E.A. is located in Glenview, Illinois and counsels clients throughout the United States.

Our Certified Financial Counselors provide free consultations that include a budget analysis and open dialogue about your unique financial situation. Seeing where your money goes on a monthly basis is an imperative first step.

After that, you’ll work with a counselor to decide the best road for you to take. In many cases, the budget analysis can make major headway in solving the problem. In some cases, additional education and guidance is required.

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Our Customers Love Us.
Here Are A Few Reasons Why.

“I really and truly cannot thank you enough for the help that you gave me. I think that N.A.D.E.A. is doing a great job helping people, and I thank you again, and again for helping me.”

“Thanks for making this year much better than I have ever dreamed possible. We now have some money available to have Christmas for my kids thanks to your financial assistance.”

N.A.D.E.A. designs options to assist you with your unique financial situation.
So what are you waiting for? See if you qualify for assistance today!