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N.A.D.E.A provides clients with the opportunity to utilize a number of budgeting courses. These courses are specifically designed for those who need help setting up and sticking to their own personalized month to month budget. Individuals who completed these credit education courses gain valuable knowledge that they will keep for the rest of their lives. It will also help these individuals learn how to make better future financial decisions and develop a sense of financial health.

Why Is a Budgeting Class Important?

A budget helps you to break down your monthly income and how much of that income must be allocated towards bills, debt, and other expenses. Developing a budget can help you to realize where you can cut costs to start saving. Your financial situation will not always be the same, as you can move up positions, switch jobs etc. As your financial situation changes, having a budget will ensure no surprises when it comes to the money you must spend every month. Budgets can also help to reduce your stress levels. Managing money is one of the most (if not the most) stressful tasks we encounter on a daily basis. You will have to manage your finances for the rest of your life, and taking a course on starting your budget can get you on the path to a sound financial future.

What Budgeting Assistance is Available?

In Office / Over the Phone

N.A.D.E.A. provides clients with the opportunity to work with one of our highly skilled Certified Financial Counselors on creating, maintaining, and sticking to a budget either over the phone, or in our office.

Presentation / Seminar / Workshop Formats

Educational programming is delivered to institutions or organizations in a presentation, seminar or workshop format in which N.A.D.E.A. will do a one-time workshop or can create a series of educational workshops and content on a monthly or quarterly basis. N.A.D.E.A. does not charge for these workshops or programming.

Money in Motion Course

This budgeting course is easily available right at home, as it can be completed online. Your N.A.D.E.A. representative will provide you with a password to access the course. All you have to do is enter the Money in Motion website. You can easily access this website through the link below. We offer courses in either English or Spanish, so you click on your preferred language. After clicking on your language of choice, you will be directed to the MIM website with a Student Log-In for your password. The ease of access makes the course very easy to maneuver for just about anybody. What is so great about this course, is that it gets reported to the major credit bureaus and will look good to credit grantors.
English Money in Motion Course
Spanish Money in Motion Course