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Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Our Mission

To provide affordable housing to the communities we serve in conjunction with the National Community Revitalization Act by procuring Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and bank REO’s, performing property restoration and offering these homes to families in need.

Revitalizing Neighborhoods

National Association for Debt Education & Assistance (NADEA) as a 501(c) (3), non profit organization, is an approved and eligible community buyer to provide for the purchase and rehabilitation of foreclosed and abandoned properties in order to stabilize communities hit hard by the foreclosure crisis.

The Results...

NADEA has successfully completed more than four hundred property stabilization transactions since the beginning of our Neighborhood Revitalization Project. These reclaimed and revitalized properties have been provided for sale to mostly low to moderate income families representing over thirteen hundred family members with new housing and living opportunities.

Community Stabilization Transactions by NADEA