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“I really and truly cannot thank you enough for the help that you gave me. I think that N.A.D.E.A. is doing a great job helping people, and I thank you again, and again for helping me.”

“Thanks for making this year much better than I have ever dreamed possible. We now have some money available to have Christmas for my kids thanks to your financial assistance.”

“I feel that I’m in a much better position in regards to my bills and how I handled them, and of course N.A.D.E.A. deserves all the credit.”

“In February, I finished paying off my last credit card. I know I could not have done it without every person in your organization. My thanks to all of you”

“Thank you for your flawless service these past 2+ years.”

“Today I made my last payment to N.A.D.E.A.. What a feeling! Thanks to all of you, I don’t owe anybody anything!”

“These last weeks have been such a struggle and I have prayed constantly for wisdom, and guidance. Then there you are – my angels unaware! You are appreciated in my prayers. May the Lord continually bless, you!”