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Benefits of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • Save time and money – it’s automatic and there is no postage required.
  • Avoid any lost or delayed cashiers checks or money orders.
  • Have a safe and secure payment each month.
  • Avoid late fees and help us to get your monthly payment to your creditors on time.

Signing up is easy:

Fill out the enrollment form completely. Be sure to include the $2.00 transaction fee onto your regular monthly payment. Allow 10 business days for us to process your enrollment form. Once you have enrolled, your monthly payments will automatically be transferred to us in full and on time.

** If you need to alter the the date or amount of the withdrawal, or to terminate this option, please notify AAA Cook Consolidation at least 4 business days prior to your EFT withdrawal date

Complete the form below to begin the EFT process immediately:

Online EFT Payment Enrollment
Please Include a $2.00 ACH Fee
Please Include a $2.00 ACH Fee
Street Address
Postal Zip-Code

I authorize AAA Cook Consolidation to process debit entries from my account. This authority will remain in effect until I give reasonable notification to terminate this authorization or until my debt is paid in full.